QuickPlay: Retrobooster

retrobooster10_th GoPlayThatIn deep space and in the far future, only you can save mankind. Aliens have invaded, as aliens tend to do, and after a frankly embarrasing failure by the regular space navy, you’re it. Unfortunately for you, you have at your disposal only a decades-old low-tech junker of a ship and your background as a backwater spaceracer.

However duty calls, so with a lowly ion cannon and a shield you set out to destroy the alien scum, save humanity, and hopefully not die in the process!

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Let’s Play – Streets of Rage / Bare Knuckle

Tom and I play through Streets of Rage on the Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) in our first “Let’s Play” video. This is part one of a series where we played all three games in one sitting. The other two parts to follow soon!

We’d love to know if there is interest in this kind of content, as we enjoyed making it and I’m always looking for an excuse to wheel out my Mega Drive!

13 Questions With… Simon Karlsson


Simon Karlsson’s first major project, A Song for Viggo, has a brave and interesting proposition: a point and click adventure game built entirely out of paper about a man dealing with the aftermath of accidentally killing his own child. A one man force of creation, Simon is also writing the music, and orchestrating a kickstarter campaign make make his project reality. We took five minutes out of his busy schedule to get some more information about him and Viggo.

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Gaming At Rob’s 22 Round-Up

bibble_logoWe checked out some more fresh and fun multiplayer games these last 2 weeks, all the while watching some big FIFA World Cup 2014 matches. Gaming At Rob’s has occasionally featured the second screen, but not quite like this.  Here’s a look at the featured games for GAR 21 and GAR 22!

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13 Questions With… Jon Remedios

Hailing from the fertile northern game development land of Toronto, Jon Remedios and the minimalist multiplayer madness that is sync quickly became crowd favourites at GAR (our weekly local multiplayer night).

Sound Life AdviceAfter an uncomfortable amount of Twitter stalking and narcissistic t-shirt fanboyism, we finally sat down for a proper chat about his background, sync’s success, and what’s in store for us as his new project SSMP takes flight.

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