State of Play: The Next Penelope

010If I say Penelope, Odysseus, Arachne and Ariadne, you might think you’d stumbled onto a blog for aficionados of classic Greek myths and legends. Fear not! This is still GoPlayThat, and these are all characters in The Next Penelope, a punishingly difficult top-down racer that will test both reactions and prudent use of weapons.

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GoPlayThat Podcast is our newborn, come and take a listen

Hello, everybody! Thanks for following us here at GoPlayThat, we’re having the best time finding great games and sharing them with you, and today we’d like to invite you to check out a new feature that we’re adding to our roster: GoPlayThat Podcast!

We’ve started up our podcast channel on SoundCloud, and to begin with we’ll be creating episodes dedicated to a single game or series to accompany our written content. In our first episode, we discuss the impeccable Drift Stage. Catch every episode over on the SoundCloud channel, or on iTunes once we have that locked down. Thanks for listening, we’d love to hear your feedback if you have any, positive or constructive of course!

UPDATE 23/1: We’ve been approved for iTunes, so now you can find us on your favourite podcast app as well! Just search for ‘GoPlayThat’ or add our RSS.

QuickPlay: A Bird Story


A Bird Story is a short interactive story from developer Kan Gao, who was responsible for 2011’s To The Moon. It is designed not as a sequel but as a bridge episode between Kan’s To The Moon and the as yet unreleased Finding Paradise, hence the brevity. As I absolutely adored To The Moon’s mix of humour, melancholy and storytelling, it was only natural that I check out this latest addition to the series.

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State of Play: Drift Stage


While I was alive in the ’80s, I don’t remember quite so much neon everywhere. Nor do I remember cool angular sports cars throwing themselves around every turn with reckless abandon, smoke pouring from obviously distressed tyres. Maybe its because I grew up in the north of England, and my family owned a Ford Fiesta. That’s certainly the excuse I’m going to use when people find out that I am rubbish at Drift Stage, despite my instant love for the concept.

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QuickPlay: Lost Constellation

longest1I’ve been hearing rumblings about Night in the Woods for some time now, and I decided to check out Lost Constellation, a ‘supplemental’ game that takes place on a tangent to the main game. A bedtime story told to young Mae (a character from NITW) about a crocodile astronomer looking for a lost star, Lost Constellation has everything required to stand out in its own right, and as a result Night in the Woods is now one of my most anticipated games of the year!

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QuickPlay: BattleBlock Theater

BBTScreenshot7We have already touched on BattleBlock Theater here and here, but thanks to the Steam sale I managed to get my sticky paws on my own copy. I have played a bit of the local multiplayer stuff (of which there is lots) at Gaming at Rob’s, but I wanted to find out how the single player side of the game held up.

I chose my favourite face and headed into the madness that is Behemoth’s BattleBlock Theater.

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Local Multiplayer GOTY 2014, Presented by Gaming At Rob’s

GARsmashIn January 2014, I started a regular event here in Madrid, a weekly meetup called Gaming At Rob’s.

It’s been our perfect little opportunity to play the types of games together that we wouldn’t be able to play apart, and has coincided remarkably with 2014’s resurgence of local multiplayer titles of all shapes and sizes.

We wanted to create a list that celebrates the games that we collectively fell in love with. It’s been vetted by our community, and doesn’t include every game we love playing at GAR – we’ve been completely spoilt this year, and I really hope it continues in 2015. If you want to read about more local multiplayer games then go check out our Gaming At Rob’s category, where we share spotlight our favourites, and share videos from multiplayer sessions.

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Game of the Year 2014: Stu’s Picks


2014 was a year that I bought lots of games, but did not seem to play many. I am not really sure why that was.

Truth be told, 2014 was not a great year for games or the industry. Not so much the quality of releases – although this year did bring controversy with several big games needing multiple patches to be release ready.

Outside of the games there were lots of issues with the community surrounding the industry; It’s something that we at GoPlayThat have proudly stayed out of, but I think overall it has put a bit of a damper on gaming in 2014.

That being said, there were many great games, big and small. Again however, for some reason, I did not get round to playing that many of them, which is a shame, therefore my list is a little smaller than the other guys – although all games here (aside from number 5) I played to 100%.

I will do better in 2015!

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Game of the Year 2014: Tom’s Picks

machine2014 will be remembered (by me) as the year I went a little bit peculiar and bought more games than in any previous time of my life. I also didn’t play a AAA game until I bought my PS4 in September. The sheer quantity and quality of ‘indie’ games meant that I was never short of something to play, and local multiplayer came back in a big way making it fun to be on the sofa with friends again. On the downside it has made choosing a top 10 really difficult. I’m nothing if not dedicated however, so here are my picks for this year. Feel free to disagree with me in the comments, or even recommend me games I might have missed!

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