Gaming At Rob’s 27 Round-Up

sboWe don’t always stick to modern gaming at GAR. Sometimes, we go retro and when we do, we do it right. Bomberman and Decathlete running on original Sega Saturn hardware? Damn straight.

But wait, there’s more! We checked out a fresh combination of new games, from modern remakes to crazy new ideas!

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GoPlayThat LIVE! Episode 1: Enemy Mind

Did you miss the stream? You can still watch the whole thing right here! Pt.2 here!

Last night we had the delight of running our live debut by playing Schell Games’ Enemy Mind. It’s no secret that we love all types of games, but I personally have a soft spot for indie and retro games, and this takes the best of both worlds and puts it in a delightful 2D scrolling space shooter.

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13 Questions With… Powerhoof

TitleTwo-man team Powerhoof used their mighty boss laser to smash into our weekly community games night with Crawl way back at the beginning of April. We were instantly charmed by this asymmetrical 3 vs.1 dungeon crawler and have been following development ever since.

Crawl is now available on Steam Early Access, so just anyone can grab the game, some buddies and spend an evening or two testing the limits of friendship.

As for us, we took an afternoon off from murdering each other in dank dungeons to conduct a small interview with Dave Lloyd (half of the ‘hoof) to see what challenges they faced making the game, and what’s still to come!

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QuickPlay: Cloud Chamber

cloud1I feel like this QuickPlay is going to read more like a public service announcement than a recommendation. Because of this, I will open with a statement, to ensure that we are clear: I recommend Cloud Chamber.

Cloud Chamber is a “Massively Multiplayer Story Game”. You are one of many players connected to the ‘Crowdscape’ network, a sort-of virtual Dark Web where you collectively investigate and discuss the potentially shady goings on at a research laboratory in Denmark.

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QuickPlay: OlliOlli

OlliOlli Logo SquareFourteen long years ago, I was in my first year at Hull University. The bleakness of the long winter days was alleviated by only two things. Booze and Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2. Entire nights were spent with between three and eight people clustered around a CRT monitor, desperate to smash the last person’s high score on Hangar.

Halcyon days indeed. Since then however, it could be argued skate games (with one or two exceptions) have been universally rubbish. I have spent 14 years waiting for a game to whisk me back to that bygone age, and with OlliOlli by Jove I think I’ve found it.

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Gaming At Rob’s 26 Round-Up

P4A_Shadow_LabyrsHot on the heels of Evo 2014, a few weeks back we decided we’d dedicate a GAR to 1 versus 1 fighting games and see where it took us. What we discovered was that we really like kicking each other in the face, whether with an anime-like college girl, a high definition wolf, or a boxing kangaroo. We played a total of 5 games, here’s a rundown in the order we played them.

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Announcement: GoPlayThat welcomes Bob Morate to the team!

bobGoPlayThat are pleased to welcome a new crew member: Bob Morate!

Bob will be fulfilling a new role, as he will be primarily focusing on live streamed content via our upcoming Twitch channel, as well as the usual GPT content you know and love.

This new addition brings a Spanish flavour to the team and to make things feel truly international, Bob will be contributing from his studio in Düsseldorf, Germany.

QuickPlay: The Last Door

TheLastDoor GoPlayThatIn years to come, it’s very possible that Spain will be remembered for leading a resurgence of point and click adventure games. Spearheading the charge we have The Game Kitchen and their Lovecraftian graphic adventure The Last Door. I stepped into the 19th Century shoes of fearless philosopher Jeremiah Devitt, and got to some spooky investigating!

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