GoPlayThat Podcast: Lethal League

lethal-leagueGoPlayThat Podcast is also available on iTunes!

Rob, Earl and Tom do their best to explain the furiously paced ball-dodging action of Lethal League, one of our favourite local multiplayer games of the last 12 months.

Come and tell us about your thoughts on the local multiplayer resurgence over on Twitter and Facebook. To discover more about our favourites, check out the Gaming At Rob’s category.

GoPlayThat Podcast: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

sonictransformed01GoPlayThat Podcast is also available on iTunes!

Rob, Earl and Stu got together for a virtual coffee and a chat about the fantastic Mario Kart competitor, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. Have a listen to hear the group’s views on the game, squeaky chairs, oranges and the differences between PC and console gamers.

If you liked what you heard, or you just like expressing your own opinion, then share your thoughts on what is the best kart racing game on Twitter or Facebook. (Hint: It’s Crash Team Racing!)

We’re collectively looking to finish 20 games for Four in February

4infebGoPlayThat are participating in an initiative called Four in February, which was started by Joystiq and encourages people to look through their horrendous games backlog, and pick out four to finish in the month of February.

We’re always up for a challenge, and so we’ve come together to work out what each of us will be playing. We each started with a list of ten, picked one we definitely wanted to play, then left the rest of them for the others to pick through, to end up with four each. We’ll be starting these from today, and must finish them by the end of February, or else suffer a terrible fate. We’ll check in with regular updates on our progress, and end the month with another full podcast episode to talk about how we did.

See after the jump for the games we landed on, or listen to the podcast first…

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QuickPlay: Stardust Vanguards

stardust1We first played Stardust Vanguards back in August 2014, spending a couple of sessions with it at Gaming At Rob’s. Back then, all of the elements of gameplay were there, and in very good shape. Since then, 2-man developer Zanrai have tweaked the combat further to strike a perfect balance that emphasises skilful play, and have added a bunch of new maps and modes that all feel worthwhile and enjoyable.

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GoPlayThat Podcast is our newborn, come and take a listen

Hello, everybody! Thanks for following us here at GoPlayThat, we’re having the best time finding great games and sharing them with you, and today we’d like to invite you to check out a new feature that we’re adding to our roster: GoPlayThat Podcast!

We’ve started up our podcast channel on SoundCloud, and to begin with we’ll be creating episodes dedicated to a single game or series to accompany our written content. In our first episode, we discuss the impeccable Drift Stage. Catch every episode over on the SoundCloud channel, or on iTunes once we have that locked down. Thanks for listening, we’d love to hear your feedback if you have any, positive or constructive of course!

UPDATE 23/1: We’ve been approved for iTunes, so now you can find us on your favourite podcast app as well! Just search for ‘GoPlayThat’ or add our RSS.

QuickPlay: A Bird Story


A Bird Story is a short interactive story from developer Kan Gao, who was responsible for 2011’s To The Moon. It is designed not as a sequel but as a bridge episode between Kan’s To The Moon and the as yet unreleased Finding Paradise, hence the brevity. As I absolutely adored To The Moon’s mix of humour, melancholy and storytelling, it was only natural that I check out this latest addition to the series.

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State of Play: Drift Stage


While I was alive in the ’80s, I don’t remember quite so much neon everywhere. Nor do I remember cool angular sports cars throwing themselves around every turn with reckless abandon, smoke pouring from obviously distressed tyres. Maybe its because I grew up in the north of England, and my family owned a Ford Fiesta. That’s certainly the excuse I’m going to use when people find out that I am rubbish at Drift Stage, despite my instant love for the concept.

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