QuickPlay: Cannon Brawl

CannonBrawlMany years ago I had the misfortune to play Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War against my then flamate Derek. What Derek didn’t tell me was that he was ace at the game and I spent the next hour being battered from pillar to post, no quarter given by a man I previously considered to be a friend. That was my last dalliance with the real time strategy genre until news of Cannon Brawl was airdropped into my inbox. Scared of being hurt again, I did my best to avoid playing, but pretty colours and a good pun are always going to pique my interest, and so it was that I began in the relatively safe confines of the single player mode…

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GoPlayThat LIVE! Episode 6: Drunken Robot Pornography

Did you miss the stream? You can re-watch the whole thing right here!

On our last session of Live Twitch gameplay I took on Dejobaan Games’ Drunken Robot Pornography. Why is it called that, you ask? The answer lies mostly within the game’s story, where the protagonist, a renowned robotic engineer, has to stop his robot bartender Tim, who has achieved sentience and turned all his robots against him to destroy a futuristic Boston. Gotta love Dejobaan Games’ sense of humor!

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QuickPlay: TRI: Of Friendship and Madness

TRI_1Rat King Entertainment recently launched TRI: Of Friendship and Madness, a beautiful and peculiar puzzle game about Odd Gods, foxes, triangles and messing around with perspective. Despite the fact that I am the least able member of GoPlayThat when it comes to puzzle games, I decided to give it a shot and see if my brain could handle it.

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GoPlayThat LIVE! Episode 5: LUFTRAUSERS

Did you miss the stream? You can re-watch the whole thing right here!

Maintaining the theme of playing games for the first time live, I played the chaotic and wonderful LUFTRAUSERS from Dutch studio Vlambeer. The game was published by Devolver Digital, who published many other indie titles such as Broforce and Hotline Miami. Vlambeer has been known for bringing action-packed titles that remind me of the good ol’ 90s, back in the days when I could play simple games that kept me entertained for hours, or even years. Continue reading

State of Play: Broforce [EARLY ACCESS]

Broforce is one of our nearest and dearest, making an appearance at 8 Gaming At Rob’s events to date. It first found its way onto Steam Early Access back in April, and Free Lives should feel proud about having one of the most playable and feature-rich releases to have ever graced the service. More content is on the way including new bros and levels, and even bigger explosions. Earl and I took a dip into a couple of the game modes to see how things are progressing.

BattleBlock Theater: GoPlayThat Gameplay

We originally checked out BattleBlock Theater at Gaming At Rob’s 28, where we played a ton of the competitive side of the game. Little did Earl know, that he’d not even seen half of what The Behemoth’s third release has to offer. We check out The Story mode, playable with a co-op buddy, as well as some more of The Arena against skilled AI controlled enemies, and then close it out with a look at the community’s creations in Furbottom’s Features.

State of Play: Crypt of the NecroDancer

necrodancer1_2State of Play is a new category of content, where we take a first look at games that are still in development, or are available on Early Access on Steam. Our opinions, much like the games, are unfinished. However, if you see a game receive a “State of Play”, we like what we see and will likely continue to cover it as it progresses.

A rhythm game combined with a roguelike dungeon-crawler? I love rhythm games. I love dungeon crawlers. Will it blend? Continue reading