QuickPlay: Elegy for a Dead World

Elegy for a Dead World - The Fantastic OrreryDejobaan Games and Popcannibal have recently released Elegy for a Dead World, which is to mind the world’s first 2D write-em-up. It is also a massive departure from the noisy brashness of Dejobaan’s earlier games such as Drunken Robot Pornography. Quiet and understated, the only goal of this game is to inspire you to write. Does it work?

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State of Play: Black Ice

Black Ice LogoI’ve never hacked anything in my life. Wouldn’t even know where to start, really. That’s why I love Black Ice; it’s a game that shows us a ’90s movie version of hacking, all neon lights, thumping bass and huge guns to kill the enemies (because obviously the servers are protected by horrid spiders and scorpions!).

Jack in with me as we take a look at the self-proclaimed “Super Duper” Garrett Cooper’s first game!

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QuickPlay: Echoes+

echoes_3Binary Zoo tell me this game is called Echoes+, but I don’t think that adequately describes it. I think a more adequately descriptive name would be HYPER NEON ASTEROID TECHNO HELL. That would give people more of an insight, or warning, if you will. It’s an frenetic intraocular dose of no-nonsense, twin-stick bullet-hell carnage, and I bloody love it.

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QuickPlay: The Marvellous Miss Take

pic1Miss Sophia Take has a problem. A fiendish bounder has made off with her inheritance, a priceless art collection, and she wants it back. In true her own inimitable style, she dons her fanciest hat and starts to sytematically burgle the galleries that house her stolen Cezannes and pilfered Picassos.

With an intriguing promise of high-speed stealth action (say what?) getting my attention, I spent a few hours as London’s best-dressed cat burglar. Having re-appropriated quite a substantial chunk of my art collection, I’m ready to give my thoughts on The Marvellous Miss Take.

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QuickPlay: Heavy Bullets

HBLOGOSometimes when you sit down to play a game you realise that maybe the developer doesn’t like you. Maybe Terri Vellmann just doesn’t like people in general. Sometimes when somebody gifts you a copy of a game on Steam, it’s not because they are your friend. They want you to suffer and sweat. They want to ruin your day. That’s not to say Heavy Bullets is a bad game. It’s a great but supremely difficult game, a game that in no uncertain terms confirms that even after all these years, I am rubbish at shooters.

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QuickPlay: Unholy Heights

Some time ago Japanese indie studio Petit Depotto made a tenant-management/defense title, which I loved, called “メゾン・ド・魔王 – Maison de Maou” (Literally translated “Maison de Overlord”) which was relatively successful in Japan, making its way to the Xbox 360, PC, and Nintendo 3DS with plans to expand to Xbox One.

We don’t regularly see many indie games coming out of Japan, but on August 2013 publisher PLAYISM brought it to western territories under the name “Unholy Heights”. Thank you for that, PLAYISM!

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QuickPlay: This War of Mine

TWOM111 bit studios, most famous for the hoo-rah bombast of the Anomaly tower offence RTS series have come out of left field with This War of Mine, an emotional 2D game focusing on the horrors of war. A small group of desperate survivors hole up in a bombed out building in the middle of a warzone somewhere in Eastern Europe, venturing out at night to scavenge or steal whatever they can to make it through another day. It is certainly dark and depressing, but 11 bit studios have managed to make one of the more thought provoking and unique games of the year.

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Video Games Live

IMG_20141109_101343On Sunday, two-fifths of GoPlayThat and a couple of honourary members got up far too early in the morning and ambled off to Madrid’s Auditorio Nacional, to take a look at Video Games Live, brainchild of American video game composer Tommy Tallarico. Critically acclaimed all around the world, we wanted to see what all the fuss was about, so we wore our geekiest t-shirts and joined the crowd heading for an altogether different experience. The songs and order are changed up for every event, so until we arrived we had no idea what to expect! However, it’s difficult to say no to the prospect of a full orchestra and choir belting out some classic video game hits!

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