GoPlayThat Podcast: OlliOlli2

olliolli2-1The essential question in this installment of the GoPlayThat Podcast is whether Roll7’s OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood can improve on its stellar predecessor, or whether ramping up the difficulty will put too many people off.

I tricked Earl, Bob and Rob into jumping in to grind out some thoughts about the game, and then I ran out of skate puns. Here’s the podcast.

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QuickPlay: SanctuaryRPG: Black Edition

sanctuaryrpgbeWhen we talk about retro games on PC, we usually talk about MS-DOS games that are often represented by low resolutions and distinctive pixel art. But those who have really been around for retro PC gaming will probably remember that before pixel art came ASCII code.

Although I never really managed to master (or even understand how to play) the famous Dwarf Fortress, I’ve enjoyed a lot of games like Candy Box 1 and 2, and found it fascinating how some things can be represented by random symbols and characters, and how you would believe it. Not that you had much of a choice back then.

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13 Questions With… Firepunchd

cubaschi1Simon Cubasch, AKA firepunchd, AKA Cubaschi, came to the attention of our local multiplayer night with Ridiculous Glitching, a brain-melting nightmare version of Flappy Bird. This was quickly followed up with The Glorious Dogfight Revolution, and our newest obsession: ChickenJump. After this hat-trick of simple, silly and fun games we decided to have a chat with Simon, hoping to find what makes this German glitch wizard tick!

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Bruised and battle-scarred, we triumphed over the #4iF Challenge

4infebAt the start of the month, upon suggestion from Bob, we decided to set ourselves the challenge of completing 4 games from our backlogs, as part of Joystiq’s Four in February challenge.

20 credits rolls later and we stand victorious! All 5 of us persevered, and we have podcasts to show for it. Come and listen to each of us talk of our experience with the #4iF Challenge, which games we enjoyed the most, and what our favourite moments were.

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Spintires: GoPlayThat LIVE!

In this episode of GoPlayThat LIVE! we had our first look at Spintires, a deliriously entertaining multiplayer title tasking players with trekking through hazardous terrain to deliver lumber. In this highlight reel, you’ll see how that task is far from simple, especially in the company of Tom and Rob.

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D4: Rob’s #4iF Challenge

D4 was another of my Four in February challenge games, and it represents both sides of the coin: It’s brevity makes it a simple one to get done in the time limit, but it’s Kinect-based infuriation can make it a tough pill to swallow. In this video, Earl has put together a brilliant highlight reel from our first play of the game. Witness the majesty of motion control at its ‘finest’.

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Shadow of the Colossus: Rob’s #4iF Challenge

Spoiler alert: This video is basically the last 90 minutes of the game, so if you haven’t experienced it for yourself and still want to play it, be warned.

The Four in February challenge delivered tremendous ups and downs for the entire group. Shadow of the Colossus, one of my four, is obviously a much beloved classic from the PS2 era, and the HD Collection version is a 3D-capable masterpiece. I invited Tom and Earl to mine, to witness my glorious victory over the final colossi. We recorded it so that you too can experience the magic of me fumbling with the horse-riding controls, falling from top of a monkey-like beast multiple times, and finally triumphing as the end-game unfolds.

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GoPlayThat Podcast: Lethal League

lethal-leagueGoPlayThat Podcast is also available on iTunes!

Rob, Earl and Tom do their best to explain the furiously paced ball-dodging action of Lethal League, one of our favourite local multiplayer games of the last 12 months.

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