BattleBlock Theater: GoPlayThat Gameplay

We originally checked out BattleBlock Theater at Gaming At Rob’s 28, where we played a ton of the competitive side of the game. Little did Earl know, that he’d not even seen half of what The Behemoth’s third release has to offer. We check out The Story mode, playable with a co-op buddy, as well as some more of The Arena against skilled AI controlled enemies, and then close it out with a look at the community’s creations in Furbottom’s Features.

State of Play: Crypt of the NecroDancer

necrodancer1_2State of Play is a new category of content, where we take a first look at games that are still in development, or are available on Early Access on Steam. Our opinions, much like the games, are unfinished. However, if you see a game receive a “State of Play”, we like what we see and will likely continue to cover it as it progresses.

A rhythm game combined with a roguelike dungeon-crawler? I love rhythm games. I love dungeon crawlers. Will it blend? Continue reading

Kingdom Rush: GoPlayThat Gameplay

Kingdom Rush is a popular tower defense game that’s grown from a 2011 in-browser game, to mobile success story that has since spawned a sequel, and saw a release on PC through Steam this past January. Earl and I were skeptical about enjoying a game in this well-worn genre, but decided to take a look by playing a level on each of the game’s three difficulty settings. What we discovered was a characterful and charming experience that plays really well on the big screen.

GoPlayThat LIVE! Episode 4: Power-Up

Did you miss the stream? You can re-watch the whole thing right here!

In yesterday’s session I jumped back to the side-scrolling-shoot-‘em-up genre with one-man-studio Psychotic Psoftware’s Power-Up. The game was released barely two weeks ago on Steam (29th August 2014), and as the name implies it relies heavily on powering up your five weapons wisely to face the incoming enemy waves until you reach the level’s boss. Ah, good ol’ R-Type memories…

If you want to see how I did on my very first contact with the game, click on the video right above! You might be surprised!

Power-up was single-handedly developed by the extremely talented Mike Hanson and you can find it on Steam for 2.99€ (or $2.99). Additionally, you can also buy the game’s fantastic soundtrack on Mike’s Bandcamp site. It has my seal of approval!

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QuickPlay: Velocity 2X

header-image2Smooth-1The mixture of two genres seems a relatively simple concept on paper, but, in action, recently released PSN title Velocity 2X makes it appear almost revolutionary.

A sequel to a 2012 PS Mini game, Velocity 2X retains the top down shoot-’em-up action of its predecessor, but the kicker here is that it is possible to dock your ship in space stations, at which point the game transitions to something similar to Metroid crossed with SpeedRunners. On crack.

It is even possible to enter the enemy during boss fights by docking with them and then finish the fight on foot. Continue reading

GoPlayThat’s ClusterPuck 99 Invitational Tournament #1 (GAR 31)

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The last 2 weeks of our multiplayer community event well and truly belong to our favourite new discovery, ClusterPuck 99. Earl wrote a declaration of love to developer PHL Collective in his recent QuickPlay, after it had ignited a sports games fire in the pit of his soul at GAR 30. This week, we dedicated the night to a tournament consisting of 4 teams, all vying to come out on top as the best “Boring” players this side of Philadelphia. This video runs the length of the entire tournament, you can watch it all above!

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Why Local Multiplayer?

MMLooking through comments and reviews about some of my favourite games of the year, one thing becomes apparent: many people hate the fact that certain games have no online multiplayer, and are specifically designed to be played with a group of friends while sitting on a couch. I wanted to express my feelings as to why local multiplayer is important to me, and why I want to see it continue! Continue reading

The Heart of Gaming, London UK

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Since contributing for GoPlayThat and leaning into some retro coverage, there has been a hole in my heart that is difficult to fill here in Madrid. There are practically no arcade machines in sight. Granted, you may stumble upon a Sega Rally cabinet in a shopping centre, but since “Picadilly Arcade” closed down here, there is not a dedicated arcade around. (Side note, the Picadilly in Madrid was loosely modelled on the old Sega World/Trocadero in London).

During a short visit back in London recently, my wife and I made a concerted effort to visit as many arcades as we could, in knowledge that the joystick scene is still thriving in our old city. Alas, many of my old haunts were either a shadow of their former selves, or dead completely (RIP Goodge Street Casino). Continue reading

QuickPlay: Runers

runersI am barbarian. I do not have a name, because I only name my characters if they survive past level three. None of my characters have had a name as of yet. Maybe barbarian will be the first. His mighty sword throw should destroy all and any enemies in his path, and he has an almost unholy command of earth magic to smite those who would survive his cleaving blows. Surely, SURELY, this time I can make it past… oh wait he’s been killed by rats.

Runers is not a good friend. Runers has punished me over and over again since I installled it, and will continue to punish me for as long as I keep playing. I would love to say that my fearless barbarian warrior died at the hands of a demonic overlord, but no, it’s always the rats. They’re not in the dungeon, they ARE the dungeon…

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Serious Gaming

TDCWhen a person is suffering trauma, ill health or battling through depression, be it their own or someone close to them; there are avenues they can pursue to seek out comfort and solace. They can talk to friends, family or medical professionals. Books can be read, either fictional or non. A film or TV show, all can offer support and understanding.

What about videogames?

Over the last couple of years there has been an increase in autobiographical games dealing with tough and intrinsically personal subjects such as cancer, depression, alcoholism and domestic abuse.

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